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While in the Ds and Ms line, I choose not to hide who I am more than needed.This group is also open to those, like myself, who think of times past, when men were warriors, farmers, and all we owned was ours.This was the first time girls had seen my dick and the first time anyone had seen it erect. Not only did they see me and touch me I surprised them by blowing my load. I'm not interested in little girls or underaged sex, I just find girls in uniform fuel for my fantasy. I am 5'9", 34C with a 29" waist and a 40" butt as of Dec. I absolutely love Astronomy and anything to do with outside of space.I was struggling with myself trying not to cum but it spurted out like a milky fountain beyond my control I'd never attempt to do anything illegal but I love to relive those experiences in my mind and in real through adult roleplay and ageplay. I aspire to become a science teacher for college students and to be covered in tattoos before I'm 30.(and whatever else i find eye popping.)FEEL FREE TO JOIN! This group is for all the girls who was a cheerleader like myself, or guys and girls who fantasy about having sex with us, forcing us, or anything you want to do to us. If you have something that you beleive fits, message me the link and I'll review it.

She tried grabbing it back but i was holding it and didnt let go and pulled back so she couldnt get it and it pulled her on top of me.

I will let you know if I feel the need to raise the price or not. Since I do not own a webcam for now the only thing I can record with is my phone so please be patient with me, thank you!

This group is for those who look fondly back on the days when our women knew how to behave, and our lives were our own.

Feel free to upload cheergirls pictures of you've had sex with, or just fantasy, aswell I'll be showing my pics along with my friends in the past. Ever since I was a schoolboy and was attacked and abused by a group of girls during a break time at school the experience has been the subject of my fantasies I was held down by the girls and my pants were removed.

They were all daring each other to touch my cock and in the end they each had a feel, one after the other. I mostly posted it on Tumblr and hoped for donations to no avail so here I am.

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